World Leader In The Transportation Of Live Animals


Siba Ships is an Italian shipping company and a world leader in the transportation of live animals. The company manages the fleet of the Balzarini family that, under the Siba brand, has enjoyed over 40 years of success as one of the world’s largest groups in the zootechnical industry.

About us

Siba was founded by Emilio Balzarini in 1967. Starting from a small farm in the Alps, he gradually expanded his business as livestock trader, since demand for meat was rapidly increasing in Italy at that time. To meet this demand, it became necessary to import large quantities of cattle from other European countries as well as Bulgaria, Romania and USSR.

Due to the poor road links at that time, Mr. Balzarini had the idea of fitting cargo ships with stables to improve the transportation of livestock. The Siba fleet began with three small vessels – Siba Brescia, Siba Bari and Siba Edolo. A new market emerged, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa, the fleet continued to grow. In 1979, the Siba Queen was launched and in 1980 the flagship Uniceb, a giant at her time, was delivered.


Our Services

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