Class Certificate
Vessels owned by Siba Ships are provided with the highest Class certification issued by RINA (Italian Naval Register) for these types of ships. All units are provided with a Certificate for the prevention of Wastewater pollution (ISPP) which allows them to be present also in American domestic waters.

Safety Management System
Each company ship works within the framework of a Safety Management System with mandatory certification issued by the local authorities. Certificates are valid for 5 years, subject to annual visits. The system ensures that both company and crew manage the ship by scrupulously complying with rules and regulations about safety and work on board.

ACCL Certificate (Australian Certificate for the Carriage of Livestock)
Australia is the country with the most severe regulations for sea transportation of live cattle. The aim of this regulation issued by the AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) is to apply increasing significance to the well-being and safety of transported animals. All company cattle transportation units are provided with ACCL Certificate which allows them to work in Australia.

Safety Certificate
Each company unit works with the mandatory International Safety Certificate issued by the local authorities. In particular, the two owned units are among the first ships to have received this Certificate from the Genoa harbour office in June 2004.

Certificate of Air Pollution Prevention
Vessels owned by the company are provided with Certificate of Air Pollution Prevention (IAPP) proof of the company’s attention to environmental problems.

Siba Ships is subject to auditing by Ernst & Young.