The Fleet

Siba Ships fleet includes livestock carriers and bulk carrier either owned or acquired from third parties through specific chartering contracts.

The technical management of the fleet is in the hands of the same staff that managed in the past the ships of the Siba Group with the management of over 25 projects for the construction or transformation of livestock vessels. The same people have also worked together with various domestic and world bodies to draft rules and regulations that have then been adopted for regulating the industry.

Crew management is in the hands of external consultants, through specific contracts. In particular, the Italian part of the crew is managed by IMS, Genoa, while extra-community crews are managed by Accord Manning Service, Mumbai and Sibamar Shipping Management, Singapore. Companies feature highly experienced staff in the management of maritime crew and give Siba Ships the opportunity to very professionally manage a great quantity of contracts while maintaining a lean and flexible structure.


Owned Ships

Chartered Ships